Kochevet Bendavid was born in Israel, and having completed a BA in History of Art and English Literature at the Hebrew University, she came to England to study ceramics. She became deeply interested in tableware during her studies on the HND Ceramic Design course at Harrow College, a subject that continues to occupy the centre of her professional practice.

Bendavid believes that handmade tableware objects can express and carry meanings beyond their use as utensils; that they can function as a vehicle for self expression, aesthetic experimentation and social comment while serving to hold our food and drink. It is precisely this dual role that gives them a particular poignancy. Their connection to and participation in our daily life imbues them with peculiar and potent resonance.

For many years Bendavid has been making traditional tableware for everyday use in the belief that handmade tableware can enrich our daily living in a subtle yet profound way. Since her MA studies at the Royal College of Art, she is concentrating on developing a range of sumptuous ceremonial serving dishes for special occasions. Their unusual forms and rich colours are intended to provide imaginative opportunities for presenting food, and contribute to the joy and conviviality of dining in company.